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About Ember Accounting Software

It's a simple solution to what is a surprisingly complex world. Without the support of a big company, staying on top of your finances as a UK contractor or small business owner is a manual and time-consuming task. Clunky spreadsheets, indecipherable jargon and headaches resulting from staring at HMRC's website for hours on end, are all part of the struggle.

Ember is built to change that. Powered by Open Banking and a nifty machine-learning model, Ember shows you only what you need to see, and does all the complicated stuff (tracking and managing expenses, calculating and submitting tax) in the background. So, no more time consuming, cumbersome spreadsheets, missing tax deadlines or paying upwards of £150 a month for an accountant to take it off your hands. Ember puts you in complete control of your company finances – without even needing to know the meaning of 'general ledger'.

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