Credit Kudos

About Credit Kudos

The Credit Kudos platform uses Open Banking to allow you to prove your suitability when applying for financial products. Instead of relying on outdated and unfair credit scoring systems, Credit Kudos has developed a financial health score – just as a fitness tracker counts steps, Credit Kudos counts sensible spending and, in return, give creditors the opportunity to offer you a better deal.

Calling itself a “challenger credit bureau,” Credit Kudos is using open banking to replace what it calls “traditional, narrow methods” of credit assessment in order to make credit fairer and more accessible. As it stands, credit scores are typically a blackbox and based on very primitive assumptions about a person’s financial health.

By securely analysing bank account data via Open Banking, Credit Kudos says it enables lenders to make faster and more informed credit decisions, while also reducing defaults — and, crucially, at a significantly lower cost than less scalable methods of assessment.

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