About Bink

Bink is the only app where you can store and view all your loyalty programmes on your mobile and link your everyday payment cards to automatically collect points and rewards. No more fumbling with plastic, no more missed points. Simply scan your loyalty cards into your Bink App. At check-out, just show your loyalty card or barcode from within your Bink Wallet.

Bink doesn't just offer new levels of loyalty card convenience for consumers, however. The innovative app can also benefit retailers by identifying customers who have shopped with them before but haven't signed up to their loyalty program. As the customer has the Bink app installed, it's reasonable to assume they are interested in loyalty programs and can be sent a notification inviting them to join through a simple in-app signup process.

Bink also gives retailers access to a wealth of useful data on their customers' shopping and behavioral habits. This data is automatically formatted into clear and easy to understand charts and tables, allowing retailers to develop ever more sophisticated profiles of their customers and use that information to create more relevant, more personalized rewards and offers.

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